Why does my water smell bad?

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If you live in Antioch or Lake County IL and you may have noticed your well water smells like rotten eggs

When we first moved into Antioch from the city my wife said, “Honey we need to do something our water smells like blood!” I should have ran, I mean how is the smell of blood so familiar to her? I smelled the water and sure enough it smelled like rotten eggs. The “rotten egg” smell from your well water is sulfur, sulfur dioxide and the iron bacteria that thrive on the iron in the water. There are many options to remove the smell from the water and we highly recommend you call us for a quote.

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It is important to note that iron bacteria are naturally occurring in well water and are not harmful to your health according to the Illinois Department of Public Health. The smell of the water should definitely be checked out by a plumber and you can take a sample of your water to the Lake County Health Department and have it tested. You will need to go there and get a specific bottle for sampling from them. You can not simply bring your own jar because of the possibility of you accidentally contaminating the sample.

We are your plumber to install a whole house water filtration system. The iron bacteria also turn your toilets red and stain your bathtub and sink fixtures as well. The whole house water filter helps to remove the rotten egg smell and help to keep your fixtures from getting stained. If you water is especially bad you may need a whole house chlorinator or a hydrogen peroxide dosing system.

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how to maintain a whole house water filter

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