Sewer Repair in Antioch and Lake County IL

If you have an emergency plumbing issue call us 847-809-2494.

As a licensed Antioch and Lake County Plumber and Sewer and Septic Repair Expert we are ready to be at your service. We have a sewer inspection camera with a locator so we can quickly identify your sewer pipe break or clog and fix your problem. We have been excavating in Antioch and Lake County for many years and can safely complete your repair project.

Pipe Shear Sewer Repair Antioch
This is an example of pipe shear. This is the main sewer and has broken off where it penetrates the foundation.

Above is a pipe shear main sewer line break. It is an extremely common issue that can be repaired through the use of a coring tool and pipe replacement.

sewer repair antioch
with the diamond coring drill we can drill a leak proof hole for the new sewer pipe right through you foundation.
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