Septic Tank

If you live in Lake County, IL you may have a septic tank.


Septic Tank Replacement in Lake Villa, IL.

If you are buying a home on septic in lake county you should have it inspected before you buy the home. Home inspectors do not inspect septic tanks and septic systems. A septic tank is the main treatment center for your private sewage disposal or septic. If the tank is not sized properly the field will be overloaded and the septic system will fail. Call us (847) 809-2494 and we can inspect your septic system and main sewer line using a video inspection camera. We provide septic tank inspection in Antioch and Septic System Inspection in Lake County, IL .

Tanks although durable and often made of concrete eventually fail and need replacing. It is an expensive repair but not nearly as costly as having to replace your entire septic system. You can find your tank by looking in the yard, usually the back yard, for a concrete man hole, often they are buried. In the winter the snow will melt fastest over the septic tank and you can see a bare spot in your yard near your home. You can mark that location and then use a shovel in the spring to gently expose your septic lid. If you have a problem with your septic do not attempt to repair it yourself, the gases from a septic tank or septic system are very hazardous and problems should be handled by us at Countryside Plumbing Sewer and Septic.

Search no longer for “septic contractor near me” or “septic repair company near me” you found us!

Countryside Plumbing Sewer and Septic is located at 40338 N. Fox Dr Antioch, IL 60002 we are fully licensed by the Illinois Department of Public Health and Lake County to perform Plumbing Sewer and Septic Work. License #055-044117

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