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If you live in Lake County, IL you may have a septic tank.


Septic Tank Replacement in Lake Villa, IL.

If you are buying a home on septic in lake county you should have it inspected before you buy the home. Home inspectors do not inspect septic tanks and septic systems. A septic tank is the main treatment center for your private sewage disposal or septic. If the tank is not sized properly the field will be overloaded and the septic system will fail. Call us (847) 809-2494 and we can inspect your septic system and main sewer line using a video inspection camera. We provide septic tank inspection in Antioch and Septic System Inspection in Lake County, IL .

Tanks although durable and often made of concrete eventually fail and need replacing. It is an expensive repair but not nearly as costly as having to replace your entire septic system. You can find your tank by looking in the yard, usually the back yard, for a concrete man hole, often they are buried. In the winter the snow will melt fastest over the septic tank and you can see a bare spot in your yard near your home. You can mark that location and then use a shovel in the spring to gently expose your septic lid. If you have a problem with your septic do not attempt to repair it yourself, the gases from a septic tank or septic system are very hazardous and problems should be handled by us at Countryside Plumbing Sewer and Septic.

Not all septic tanks are the same. There are 3 options available, plastic, fiberglass and concrete. Concrete is known to last the longest, however new development in fiberglass tanks have proven to last at least as long as concrete tanks. The average life expectancy of a septic tank is 20-30 years. Plastic tanks, although durable and less expensive need to be installed in areas without groundwater to avoid collapse or “pop out.”

Traditional Septic Systems: treat sewage or influent as our industry has named it by using the bacteria that occur naturally in our gut to break down the sewage in the tank. The solids settle to the bottom and the fats and oils float to the top. The liquid which stays in the center is digested or broken down further by the naturally occurring bacteria that we flush, until it is suitable to enter the field. It is then dispersed equally throughout the soil in the septic field. It is important to have your tank pumped every 3-5 years so that the solids in the bottom or sludge, and fats in the top or scum do not enter the field as they will quickly ruin the soil in a septic field.

Aerobic Septic Systems: Aerobic septic systems operate much like a traditional system however they use an electric air pump to inject oxygen into the sewage. Oxygen causes bacteria to thrive in the tank. Aerobic bacteria are extremely efficient at breaking down sewage or influent as a matter of fact, aerobic septic systems treat sewage to the point that it is 95% clear water when it exits the tank. Aerobic systems are often required in Lake County when a septic field has failed, is too small to replace, or there is not enough property to install a new field. Aerobic systems are known, when replacing old traditional septic tanks to allow old septic fields to regenerate. We highly recommend aerobic treatment tanks and would be glad to provide you with further information.

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