Septic 911

If you think you need septic repairs or are researching septic system companies Call (847) 809-2494 Now!

Warning Signs of a Failing Septic System

Audible Alarm: Most modern systems have an audible alarm. If it is going off call us immediately.

Smells: Any smell that is unappealing and smells like sewer gas, rotten eggs or sulfur can be extremely hazardous to your health call us immediately.

Pooling Sewage/ Standing Water: Septic waste is distributed into the earth for treatment. Any water regardless of smell that is pooling in your yard is a sign to call us.

We are here to help you in your time of crisis. If you need a septic system repair, a septic tank installation, or are in need of a new septic system install we stand out above all the other septic system companies. As a licensed Plumber and Septic Contractor we understand both the plumbing inside your home and what happens to it outside of your home. We are entirely unique in Lake County in that we hold both licenses. We have resolved issues that most septic contractors can’t or won’t. Often times we are able to resolve a septic issue that is not caused by the septic system itself but rather the plumbing in the home. This saves our clients time & money.

call today (847)809-2494

Countryside Plumbing Sewer and Septic 40338 N. Fox Dr Antioch, IL 60002

Illinois Private Sewage Contractor License 049-801550 Illinois Plumbing License 055-044117

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