Replace my sump pump?

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Sump Pumps

Ask a midwesterner what they worry most about, and after their favorite sports teams record or the juiciness of their bratwurst on a summer grill day, its their basement……..

My experience has taught me two things:

1. Just as all summers eventually turn to winter, all basements eventually flood.

2. Homeowners are generally under educated on the dynamics of what a sump is, why you have one, what purpose it serves and how to maintain your very important pumping equipment to help insure a dry basement.

The short answer.

A series of slotted pipes form a loop around the exterior perimeter of your foundation wall, these pipes intentionally move water from the exterior of your foundation into your sump pit for the purpose of relieving hydraulic pressure from rain and groundwater.

Hydraulic pressure is why basement walls crack.

The sump pump removes that water from your sump pit and discharges it to the surface at the exterior of your house, where the INTENTION is that is flows away from your home and not back to your sump pit via your perimeter drain tile again.

Sump pumps typically come with a 1 year warranty and hopefully last 5 years. Guess what happens when the sump pump dies? You guessed it, you flood.

Guess what happens when the sump pump looses power? Right again, you flood.

Guess what happens when all those little tiny pieces of pea gravel that surround your sump pit get sucked up into the impeller of your pump? Yup, flood, flood, flood.

Whether your basement is finished or not, below is our recommendation.

1. Make sure your insurance policy covers your basement MOST DO NOT!

2. Installing a whole house generator is the best solution.

3. The second best solution is a backup sump pump on a high quality primary pump with at least one all glass mat marine grade battery and follow a regular maintenance schedule.

4. Keep your sump pit clean. This helps to ensure that gravel and debris do not damage your pump. Make it a habit to inspect and have your sump pit cleaned at least annually.

5. Find out where your pump discharges on the outside of your house and make sure the water is directed far away from your foundation.

if you are in need of a sump pump replacement in Antioch, IL or you want a quote for a battery backup sump pump in Lake County, IL let us know.

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Homeowner 101: Sump Pump Maintenance Check it Out
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