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One of the most common questions I get from customers on the phone looking for a plumber near them to install a back up sump pump is; How do they work? Simply stated, when the power goes out, a battery similar to a car battery powers a small back up pump that is installed in the same sump pit as your primary sump pump. The back up sump pump system comes complete with an automatic charger so you need an electrician in Antioch or Lake County to make sure you have a dedicated 120v circuit near your sump pump pit. The charger is plugged in and trickle charges the battery. There is a major difference between the back up sump pump batteries we install and a car battery and it is very important to ask your back up sump pump contractor which battery they plan to use. Countryside Plumbing Sewer and Septic installs an All-Glass-Matt (AGM) high quality deep cycle marine grade battery. This will help to ensure that in the case of a power outage the battery will be strong enough to continue to run for several hours while your local power company restores power to your neighborhood. Even better than just having one battery is to have us install two batteries, this will effectively double the amount of time your pump will continue to run in the even of a power outage.

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Countryside Plumbing Sewer and Septic installing a battery back up sump pump in Lindenhurst, IL

A Zoeller back up sump pump installed in Lake Villa, IL with a Wayne Pedestal Sump Pump.

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